Q: Who do I contact for disposal of old cleaning chemicals, batteries, lamps, lab specimens, science chemicals, or paint products?
A: Contact Environmental Compliance at extension 28682.

Q: What is a material safety data sheet and where can I get one?
A: The material safety data sheet (MSDS) provide proper procedures for handling or working with cleaning chemicals and other potentially hazardous chemicals and products. An MSDS includes information such as handling instructions, health effects, first aid, storage, proper disposal, and spill/leak procedures. To find the MSDS for a product used in your building go to the Environmental Compliance web page (env.aurorak12.org) and click on the MSDS button for instructions on using the MSDS database.

Q: What other services does the Environmental Compliance Branch provide to the District?
A: The current responsibilities of the branch include, but are not limited to, the following activities: hazardous materials management, spill response, asbestos management, indoor air quality investigation, mold mitigation, science chemical safety plan, chemical inventories, lead and lead paint, respiratory protection, bloodborne pathogens, confined space program, avian deterrent and remediation, above and underground storage tank management, refrigerant program, storm water management, and environmental training.

Q: How do I find out what projects are included in the district’s bond program and when large projects are scheduled?
A: The bond program "Needs Report" is posted on the district website (bond.aurorak12.org) This report lists all the projects in the bond program passed by the voters in 2016. A separate page is dedicated to each school site. Projects are cross-referenced to other sections where they are explained in greater detail. On this site you will also find the bond program "Master Schedule" for major projects. This document also explains the scheduling of building renewal projects.

Q: Have projects been added to the original 2008 bond program?
A: Yes! As a result of savings due to a favorable construction market and careful management of the original program of construction projects, we first were able to convert a planned remodel of Aurora Hills Middle School to replacement with a completely new school. Then in June 2011 the board of education approved recommendation of the Long Range Facilities Advisory Committee to add an additional $29 million of facility and technology projects. A complete list of the program additions appears at (aurorak12.org/2011/07/20/aps-2008-bond-savings)

Q: What is the role of a Design and Construction project coordinator?
A: A typical construction project requires the coordination of numerous contracts and purchase orders, the involvement of multiple school district departments, approvals from several departments of the City of Aurora and state agencies, new connections to public utilities, and liaison with the neighborhood where the project occurs, among other tasks and challenges. The district employs design and construction professionals to manage projects from the initial planning stage, through construction, and to the end of the warranty period.

Our coordinators have degrees in the fields of engineering or architecture and more than ten years experience in the design and construction industry. Our project coordinator supports the site administrator throughout the planning and execution of a project. Project coordinators are involved in procuring contracts and overseeing the performance of contractors and consultants including all the complex technical, regulatory, and business and financial aspects of a large construction project. They interface with other district support departments and outside government agencies.

The project coordinator is the district’s go-to person for any problem related to a construction project.

Q: The district is planning a summer project at my school and I will need to pack my room. What do I need to know about moving out of my room/space?
A: The project coordinator for your project will be working with your principal on all move details. The district will hire a moving company that will provide boxes. It is the responsibility of occupants to pack the boxes. Human Resources will determine compensation for time spent packing. Special accommodations will be made for large rooms.

Q: Who do I call about facility problems after the completion of the construction project?
A: The warranty period typically lasts for two years after the completion of a project. A warranty holds the contractor responsible for faulty materials and workmanship. For more information on your role and the role of your project coordinator during the warranty phase, please contact the Construction Department.